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2015 12th Annual Midnight Mass July 25, 2015
12:00pm - Midnight
Yolo County Fairgrounds, Woodland, CA

The Sacramento Poor Boys car club was started in 1998, it was the third chapter of the Original Poor Boys club, which was resurrected by Kirt Jones and Jay Ward In the early 90’s. The second chapter was established in 1995 by Roger Atwood and Tim King in Detroit.

The Poor Boys CC has been credited with the resurgence of home built/low buck traditional hot rods and customs as a result of creating and producing these notable shows: Billet Proof (East Bay chapter), Billet Proof Detroit (Detroit chapter), and Midnight Mass (Sacramento chapter).

The Sacramento Poor Boys chapter had a few challenging years. Initially they were not accepted into the mainstream hot rod community. Shunned and disregarded for their traditional home built cars, lifestyle and values, they were not welcomed or even allowed to attend some of the shows. Over time they've built a good reputation and friendships and have slowly gained respect and recognition from the mainstream hot rod community. The Sacramento Poor Boys credit the Sacramento Autorama for supporting their growth by encouraging and welcoming participation in their shows. The Poor Boys have established who they are and what they stand for and have contributed to the return of the grassroots of car building to the hot rod community.

The Sacramento Poor Boys put on their first annual Midnight Mass car show in 2004. What started out to be a small local traditional show soon became one of the most unique and bitchin’ low buck, pre ’65 car and truck shows in Northern California.

For information about the club or Midnight Mass, Contact Phil (530) 277-4384

Support Your Poor Boys: Get your support shirts or Midnight Mass shirts @ Sacramento Vintage Ford by calling 916-853-2244